Help me; I have Chicken Skin!! And it’s not the fried kind

Although KFC sounds incredibly good right now – I am not talking about that.

Keratosis Pilaris – one of the most embarrassing , noticeable, skin irritations that I have personally had the “pleasure” to be irritated by.

I’ve had it ever since I could remember; I was so young and so embarrassed. Long sleeves and sweaters are my go to in the summer. As much as I want to wear T-shirt’s and tanks like every other woman, my skin really played, and still plays a part in discouraging me. My mother used to tell me it’s because I’m hairy, or because I’m gaining too much weight. Way to add to my self confidence mom! 🙄

What is keratosis? It’s annoying, that’s what. All humour aside Keratosis pilaris forms bumps. Bottom line. It’s not just a couple of bumps though. Think of a piece of sandpaper; all those rough bumps, localized together in a specific area. Now picture those bumps on your body. Mainly your arms. That’s where mine is.

Here. I’ll show you.

Freckle like spots but itchy, sore, sometimes red, and as rough as sandpaper.

I may have found something to help! I’ve done a lot of research on this and finally came across a product that seems to be helping.

Cerave SA cleanser and lotion –the two products ran me about $40.00 which ideally isn’t that bad. The duo looks like this

I know what you guys are thinking. My arm looks really bad – don’t tell me, I already know that. But the amount of relief these two products have given me… LORD THANK YOU. CERAVE, THANK YOU 🙏🏽

After a week of using, my arms, though the bumps are still there, my arms are not itching and they are significantly smoother and softer. They’re not sore or itchy, and definitely not as rough as it usually is.

I have high hopes for these products – and hopefully they’ll be able to play a part in re-boosting my self confidence.

I will be posting picture and video updates on the progress my skin is making whilst using Cerave SA Cleasner and Lotion.

Tank tops, here I come!