6ix ways to tell if you have a Monster In Law? Find out below

Find out if you need to distance yourself from that toxic bitch that’s unfortunately in your life.

1. She doesn’t respect you She will ignore your every word, every request and every feeling just so she can have her way. She will act like you don’t exist right to your face and behind your back – she will bad mouth the shit outta you. (Or she’ll do it to your face, in Portuguese, thinking you haven’t been picking up on the words)

2. She is controlling She wants to control you and control your life that she has no part of. Unfortunately you put yourself in that situation when you decided to fall in love with her precious spawn. He doesn’t want you to know what she’s been saying so he’ll claim to want no part in the matter. But he’s talking to her and secretly hiding it from you – probably for the sake of the relationship. Gross though

3. She is manipulating She is K N O W N for the guilt trip. She probably invented it. She knows how to manipulate you, your relationship and your family. She’s probably even tried to break up your family 2-3 times (unless she’s planning another one now)

4. She constantly tries to come between your family She feels no ways when it comes to intrusion. She will give her son an ultimatum to choose between the family he came from and the family he created

5. She “helped you out” so everybody needs to know Wether you did her a favour or not, that doesn’t matter. From the moment she did something for you (or your family) she’s been keeping track. She will use it against you – as a guilt trip-or to make you look bad, she will talk about it behind your back, (eventually it will come back to you.. it always does) she will post it on her social media. The bottom line is, that favour? You’ll never forget it because she won’t let you, nor will she let the world forget it.

6. She will not leave you alone EVEN THOUGH she does all these things to you, she still wants you to know that she’s here. She wants you to dread the day she became a part of your life. From spamming messages and phone calls to empty threats. Lemme tell you… she will make you want to rethink your entire plan for her son. Your future, your family. She’s just waiting to say “I won”

If you’re still here I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to deal with a toxic bitch and I’m even more sorry that she’s apart of your life. Truth be told, it’s time to do you and focus on your family and your goals. Forget about the mamas boy, you can’t raise a man that wasn’t raised to be a man. When the time comes he’ll figure it out. But for now, stay clear of the monster (in-law) under your bed.

Take off the lights and run as fast as you can for cover!